The MacGuffin Library

The MacGuffin Library (2008)
Text, 16 Polymer Resin Objects, Video

A term attributed to Hitchcock, the MacGuffin is a cinematic plot device, usually an object, that serves to set and keep the story in motion despite lacking intrinsic importance. For this project, the MacGuffin is seen as a unique object typology, existing within the constraints of cinema, and defined in shape and function to achieve the singular purpose of driving a filmic narrative.

The MacGuffin Library proposes the foundations for a library of MacGuffins, produced by first authoring a series of film synopsis' which are used to inform a collection of objects to be designed, manufactured and catalogued. The film plots address themes stemming from a disparate range of interests and inspirations: Re-enactments, unorthodox fantasies, Borges and Carver short stories, forgeries, urban myths, high and low brow cinema, alternative histories, and the relationship between media and memory.

In collaboration with Noam Toran and Keith Jones.

Commissioned by Claire Catterall for the exhibition “Wouldn’t it be Nice” at the Somerset House, London.

Koons Balloon Dog Mould


Bad Engineers


High Heels

James Dean

The Potemkin Steps

A to G

The Rosenberg Passports

Here you Leave Today



Photographs by Sylvain Deleu