Risk Centre

Risk Centre (2013)
Mixed Media Installation

Over the course of three-months, the Risk Centre transformed the Arkitekturmuseet, Stockholm into a site-specific risk assessment facility and educational performance space. The interior spaces of the museum were reconfigured to form a condensed version of Stockholm city in which multiple micro-environments were designed to allow the subject of risk to be explored in its many pretexts. Part film set, educational facility and themepark, the centre recreated familiar scenes and places from the suburbs and the inner city to act as a venue for a civic programme in which school groups from the municipality of Stockholm and the general public were invited on guided daily risk tours of the centre as well as weekly events and workshops that further examined the complex subject of risk.

In collaboration with Inigo Minns.

Curator: Magnus Ericson
Installation Graphics: Yun Yu
Scenic Production: Nick Mortimer & Dash Macdonald
Photography: Matti Östling, Onkar Kular, Inigo Minns & Magnus Ericson
Exhibition Catalogue by Martin Frostner & Europa
Exhibition kindly supported by the MSB (Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency), Royal College of Art & Printfabriken

Entrance to Risk Centre and Junior Citizen Court

Building Site and City Hall Facade


Scenario 1: Pedestrians and Stopping Distances

Slow Motion Accidents Workshop: Pavement Fall

Kungsgatan Diorama

Internet Cafe and City Centre


Spot the Hazard

Slow Motion Accidents Workshop: Stair Fall

Living Room

Your Best Friend is at Risk Workshop

First Aid Trainer simulating choking on a peanut as part of Emergency Services Day

Kitchen: Public Safety Film


Hairdryer, Cleaning Products and Artificial Water

Water Diorama including Black Swan

Emergency Services Day: First Aid Training Workshop

Outdoors: No Risk No Discovery exercise

Write a Rule for the Day exercise

Outdoors: Parents Look Away! Protest Placard